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U.S. Fuel Efficiency Pedals to New Record

Fuel efficiency across vehicles in the United States reached a record level, according to 2015 data. Although there are more SUVs and trucks on the road, the average mile per gallon (MPG) is up by 2.4 since 2011, as a result of increasing CAFE standards.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), new vehicles average MPG is at 24.8, whereas the average fuel economy for all cars is at 28.6 MPG (a .7 increase from 2014). Come April 2018, U.S. regulators need to decide whether or not to enact a stricter sense of regulation for 2022-2025, but some fear that the increase demand for SUVs may make the regulations hard to achieve.

So, which company ranks the best in fuel efficiency? Mazda, followed by Honda, Nissan, Subaru, and Hyundai. Coming in last is Chrysler, but on the bright side, the company saw the biggest improvement in its fleet’s efficiency.

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