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Virtual Reality for Staging Commercial Buildings

Now property brokers can use virtual reality to help them sell commercial space. Virtual Staging LLC, a technology company based in New York City, now lets brokers conduct “virtual” tours of commercial properties that haven’t been built yet.

Virtual Staging has already made a name for itself by creating immersive, virtual experiences that allow potential buyers to feel as if they are walking through fully-furnished, super-luxury homes, though in reality they are only wearing a virtual reality headset that allows them to travel through a three-dimensional, photo-real rendering.

“We were the first company to offer virtual de-cluttering and furniture replacement back in 2010. I am very proud to say that we have always been a step ahead,” says Virtual Staging LLC owner and principal, Ilaria Barion.

Read More at SAT Press Releases.

Connect With Virtual Staging’s Ilaria Barion

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