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Virtual Restaurants Are Heating Up

Delivery-only food providers are not new concepts, but data-mining customers’ food searches and finding restaurants to literally feed the demand is a novel approach that UberEats is dipping into across cities.

In Chicago, for example, UberEats noticed a large amount of customers searching for chicken, but saw that not many restaurants were available to provide delivery service for chicken. So, UberEats took matters into their own hands and contacted restaurant owner Simon Mikhail to see if he wanted to start cooking up chicken. Now, Si’s Chicken Kitchen is a virtual-only restaurant that averages about $1,000 a week in chicken orders (fried, tenders, and pizza), and operates solely through UberEats for its chicken-centric business.

While the concept doesn’t entirely eliminate owners from operating costs (and delivery fees), the various restaurants who have taken part in the virtual space and partnered with UberEats are noting that the profit margins are much higher than running brick-and-mortar locations.

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