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Wanna Buy a Town?

Ever wanted to own a town? Think how jealous your friends would be! The entire southern Oregon town of Tiller is up for sale, and could be yours for a cool $3.85 million.

The ability to purchase an entire town is a great opportunity for a developer with vision, according to Garrett Zoller, the listing agent for the property.

“The most important thing is the arrangement of the properties as a whole, with 28 different tax lots, a school — it makes it very marketable,” Zoller said. “It’s an opportunity to do the development, and do it with a lot more elasticity and less bureaucracy.”

Tiller listing key features:

  • 28 tax lots, making up more than 250 acres
  • Multiple domestic and agricultural community water rights
  • Nearly a mile of waterfront along the South Umpqua River and Elk Creek, including boat launch
  • Tiller Store, a general store that’s not currently operating, but includes a deli, a commercial kitchen, a gas pump, and an apartment

So what’s life in Tiller like? It sounds sleepy, for now. Zoller said the town had very few actual residents, but there are about 250 people nearby. There’s a community church located there, and on Sundays it might attract a congregation of about 50 people.

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