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Want Productivity? Try A Little Happiness

Workers are most productive when they feel engaged in their work. Fortunately, companies can make positive choices that help, according to “Workplace Powered by Human Experience,” a new report by JLL.

Here are some of the top findings:

– Only 40% of respondents, on average, feel very engaged at work. They consider trust and kindness – which can be fostered through agile workspaces – the biggest positive impacts on their engagement.

– Almost 90% of all respondents support the idea of having a ‘Chief Happiness Officer’ at work, dedicated to employee well-being. Nearly 70% of participants agreed that happiness at work is the best ingredient to guarantee a unique work experience.

– Almost half of respondents (47%) think that being able to concentrate in the workplace is a top priority, calling for a stronger focus from companies on giving employees a choice about how, when and where they work.

– While large corporations continue to attract more talent (61%) than smaller companies, almost half (46%) of respondents said they aspire to work in a start-up environment, and crave an entrepreneurial culture.

Findings of the report are based on consultations with 40 companies around the world, and the results of a survey of more than 7,000 employees.

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