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What Can Brown do for You? A Lot, Apparently

UPS, formerly known as United Parcel Service, topped out Brand Finance’s list of most valuable logistics brands, on a global basis. With a AAA- brand rating, and value of $22 billion, “UPS is the most valuable, as well as the most powerful brand,” Brand Finance commented. Coming in second place was FedEx, which was valued at $17 billion, and carried a AA+ brand rating.

In ranking the logistics brands, the Brand Finance analysts focus on a variety of variables, from brand equity value drivers, to brand contribution, to management, to overall brand strength. Economics and politics play a role, as well, which is why the United Kingdom-based Royal Mail dropped to 16th place in 2017 from 7th place in 2016, and dropped in value from $3.4 billion to $2.7 billion in the same time period. Royal Mail’s issues were “compounded by Brexit,” according to Brand Finance.

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