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Whataburger Drive-Through . . . With H-E-B Convenience

An H-E-B-branded convenience store opening today in Hutto, TX will feature something welcome to most Texans – a 24-hour, Whataburger drive-through. The new store-drive-through combo is at 5000 Gattis Rd., in front of the Hutto H-E-B Plus that opened in November.

The Hutto convenience store will offer grab-and-go foods, such as pizza, salads and sandwiches, in addition to Whataburgers and taquitos. The two brands are not strangers to one another, as H-E-B has, in recent years, stocked Whataburger products, including ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and Whatafries.

The H-E-B convenience store is the first in Central Texas to offer the convenience of a Whataburger drive-through, though it is the second such store in Texas. Another store in Lytle, TX, southwest of San Antonio, has a Whataburger component. An H-E-B spokeswoman said no additional H-E-B convenience stores featuring a Whataburger drive-through have been planned.

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