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What’s Better than Facebook? The Portals Project

The trend to up-cycle shipping containers for uses such as homes, offices or even urban farms is emerging as something more than a fashionable architectural statement. The ubiquitous boxes are sailing into some unchartered waters these days, and these seemingly indestructible structures may have found a life in the digital age.

The Portals Project transforms the container into a high tech, social viewing experience in which people can come in and be transported to another similarly outfitted video conferencing box across the globe. Essentially, the inside of a container becomes a massive TV screen where people can “Skype” with another person.

The project’s goal is to let people connect, share and exchange real-world experiences in real time. Sometimes people just sit and talk, others have made a rap album or taught classes. So far, 24 containers have been placed around the world, including in refugee camps.

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