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Which Metros are at Risk of a Recession Housing Downturn?

There have been plenty of signals and prognosticators pointing to the next recession. And, with the Great Recession not too far in the rear-view mirror, concerns abound as to the impact on housing. The good news, according to Redfin, is that the next downturn likely won’t have a large, negative impact on the real estate/housing markets, given the strength of that sector. The not-so-good news? Some areas are more likely to suffer a housing downturn than others.

In analyzing various metros throughout the United States, Redfin studied home sale price-to-household income ratios, home price volatility, share of homes that are flips and share of households headed by someone 65 years or older, among other metrics. Then, the housing market data company combined the data to determine an overall risk score. The chart, below, outlines the top 10 metros with the lowest — and highest — risk of a housing downturn in a recession.

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