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What Will Autonomous Cars Mean for Mobile Offices and Productivity?

The talk surrounding what self-driving cars will do to impact nearly every aspect of life and many of commercial real estate is interminable. With the advent, many have questioned how it will affect the workers’ productivity, if at all. The University of Michigan’s Michael Sivak and Brandon Shoettle published a whitepaper entitled, “Would Self-Driving Vehicles Increase Occupant Productivity?” which provides insight to the speculation.

As of now, on average, people in the U.S. spend about an hour of their day traveling. The data found that for 62% of Americans, self-driving vehicles will not increase productivity because 23% would not even ride in them, and  36% would be too worried and keep their eyes on the road. Of the remaining 41%, 8% said they’d feel motion sickness.

The authors proposed three solutions to sway Americans to want to work in autonomous vehicles:

    1. Increase confidence for those who are apprehensive of their safety
    2. Find a solution for motion sickness
    3. Solve safety options: from seating postures to securing objects from flying in the event of a crash

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