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Will Santa Ana Become Downtown Orange County?

Santa Ana is reportedly aiming to become the center of Orange County, giving the region a downtown focal point.

As the county seat and the fourth-densest city in the nation, Santa Ana already has a leg up. There are thousands of government workers who converge on the city during weekdays, and now Santa Ana is trying to make sure they stay after work. Additionally, the development style in the area is playing to a millennial generation that seeks to live, work, eat, and play without having to drive, preferring to walk or use public transportation.

There are about 3,000 new housing units, ranging from single-family homes to apartments, being built or in the planning stages, and downtown is now home to a new video-game sports facility. There’s also a trolley line planned for downtown Santa Ana, and many of its restaurants have received accolades for their culinary expertise.

In the future, city officials foresee street vendors and musicians on downtown sidewalks, as well as more fashionable eateries with outdoor tables.


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