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Wind Energy Gives Texas Economic Advantage

Texas has more capacity to generate electricity from wind than any other state, and wind now provides almost 15% of the state’s power needs on average. That number will continue to grow, according to economist Ray Perryman of The Perryman Group.

“With the right mix of potential wind farm sites, transmissions lines, and a competitive framework, Texas should continue to lead the way for decades to come, thus enhancing the state’s economic advantages,” Perryman contends.

Here’s an impressive stat: Texas’s wind generation capacity of 22,799 megawatts is triple that of second-place Oklahoma, and larger than most countries around the world. The Lone Star State also tops the list for capacity currently under development.

Perryman attributes the development of the Texas wind power industry to smart policy decisions and carefully planned investments in transmission lines. The American Wind Energy Association estimates that more than $42 billion has been invested in Texas wind farms.

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