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Winter Gardens for Cold-Weather Condos

Condominium high-rises in cold-weather cities are great, to an extent. The problem is that, during the winters, outdoor patios, especially those attached to condos-with-a-view, go unused because it’s too cold – and can be too windy – to open the windows.

This is why luxury developers are trying something new – a winter garden. The “garden” in question is enclosed by glass on three sides, and designed as an alcove off the living room or bedroom. The spaces offer fireplaces, radiant-floor heating and sliding glass doors to bring in fresh air when the weather warms up.

Developers such as Berkeley Homes in London and Mizrahi Developments in Toronto are building luxury high-rise condos with these alcoves. According to Piers Clanford with Berkeley Homes, the winter gardens are proving to be popular.

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