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Women and Work – The Report Is In

It is 2015, and we are still far away from gender equality in corporate America. Today, McKinsey & Co and released a comprehensive study on the state of women in the workforce. The survey included respondents from 118 companies and 30,000 employees.

Although women are graduating college at record numbers and surpassing men, they are underrepresented in every level within companies. Contrary to the popular belief, a major factor of why women leave the workforce is not due to work-family balance, but rather because “women face greater barriers to advancement and a steep path to senior leadership.” In fact, on average, women leave their job at the same or even lower rates than men, and if they are in the C-suite, they are half as likely to leave.

The report takes a deep dive into the pervasive gender gap and also provides five key steps to implement on the road to equality. Everyone can play an equal part in changing the status quo.

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