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For Women Only Ride-Sharing Chariot Awaits, Or Does It?

By: Daniella Soloway

When it comes to ride-sharing, there’s more than just a seatbelt needed for safety.

That’s why Michael Pelletz is launching Chariot for Women, a ride-sharing app that prioritizes females’ safety. Chariot for Women will only allow female drivers and women and children as passengers. The app will utilize additional safety measures like providing a client code to ensure passengers enter their intended vehicle.

A former Uber driver, Pelletz has seen his share of college-aged women accidentally step into the wrong car after a night of drinking. Having two daughters of his own, he’s hoping to make the ride-sharing business safer.

Civil rights lawyers, however, believe that it will be difficult for Chariot for Women to overcome gender discrimination lawsuits.

Pelletz told Techcrunch.com, “Women are across the world the ones being harassed and assaulted by male drivers. In my 8 months as an Uber driver, I didn’t hear any negative feedback from men.”

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