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Women: The Underrepresented Fund Managers

Morningstar, Inc., which offers independent research and analysis on stocks and funds, has dismal news for female fund managers. In its “Fund Managers by Gender: The Global Landscape Report,” the research company found that one in five funds have women portfolio managers – a number that hasn’t changed since the Great Recession.

Other key takeaways indicated that:

  • Countries with larger financial centers have lower proportions of female fund managers.
  • It’s difficult for women to become managers in more established parts of the fund industry.
  • Women have higher credentials than their male counterparts in some asset classes, yet are “broadly underrepresented.”

One bright spot is women have better odds of running team-managed funds. Furthermore, they are named fund managers at higher rates in Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Spain and Israel. But in the United States, “the local rate of women-managed funds is below the global standard,” the report said.

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