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Workplace and Workforce: Factors for the Future

JLL revealed “The Five Factors Transforming the Future of Work,” or a series of points/trends that are necessary to consider when trying to attract, retain, grow and design the optimal workplace.

  1. Smart Buildings: One’s environment plays a large role in both psychological and physiological health. With the technology inherent in smart buildings, employees can manage lighting, temperature, food, and more with the click of a button. These mobile apps and options allow for better employee health and productivity.
  2. Amenities: Like retail, office is becoming all about the experience. As more and more employees work remotely, innovative office designers are considering how to provide safe networks to get the job done, regardless of one’s geographic location.
  3. Personalization: Every person has their own set of preferences for how they like to get their work done. Advanced building technologies allow for employees to dictate and set up their own personalized work space.
  4. CRE Data: The integration of technology into traditional CRE companies is inevitable. With widespread information, data makes decision-making easier and more controlled.
  5. Innovation is mandatory: Bringing new ideas to the market is imperative to survive in an increasingly competitive space. With better work spaces, places for collaboration, and outdoor areas, employees can be better equipped to bring brilliance to the forefront and stay ahead of the game.

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