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World’s Largest Real Estate Investment Markets are Tokyo, NY and LA

The world’s largest commercial real estate investment markets have a global stock of investable assets that stands at $27.5 trillion, according to the latest research from CBRE. Tokyo is the world’s largest single market with a total value of investable real estate of $711 billion, followed by New York ($657 billion) and Los Angeles ($482 billion).

Researchers found that there is a high correlation between the size of a city’s real estate stock and the volume of investment into that city.

From cities with an average turnover of at least $10 billion, London (8.6%), New York (7.1%) and Dallas (7.0%) mark the top three most liquid markets, as well as of stock traded on a yearly basis. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, DC and Paris closely followed, all trading above 4.8%.

Key findings:

  • The top 10 cities accounted for roughly $4 trillion, representing 15% of global investable real estate stock
  • The largest five cities in the Americas (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston) represent $2 trillion of investable real estate; a figure that can be attributed to the free market nature of its economy and cities
  • Paris ($342 billion) and London ($334 billion) are the biggest European markets

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