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Xerox Spin-Off Gets New Offices in Three Months

A new company spun-off from Xerox Corp. needed its new headquarters completed very quickly, to provide a seamless transition to its worldwide list of clients.

“Conduent, which is the cornerstone of Xerox’s restructuring, came to us seeking a fast turnaround of their new offices into modern and efficient space,” said Paul S. Newman, partner with Kimmerle Newman Architects.

In just three months, Kimmerle completed the redesign of Conduent’s new, 33,000-square-foot, worldwide headquarters at 100 Campus Dr. in Florham Park, NJ. Conduent provides the outsourced business services once provided by Xerox.

“The KNA team provided fast local services to create full construction documents and facilitate the building permit process, and work hand-in-hand with the general contractor to rapidly address the time frame,” said Newman.

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